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Commercial water spill.

Taking Care of Your Business

Commercial Water Spill in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

After this shop in Downtown Las Vegas flooded, our highly trained professionals responded quickly to get business up and running as quickly as possible. SERVPRO understands that, as a business owner, you have a litany of responsibilities, and disasters never wait for a convenient time. We are here to make your life easier!

Standing water in warehouse.

We Can Quickly Remove The Water From Your Business

A water loss on your commercial property in Las Vegas, NV, can leave behind a massive amount of water. When that happens, you will need a crew with powerful pumps to quickly extract all the water before too much damage has been done. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas is here to help!

Multiple green SERVPRO air movers on the ground.

Water Restoration Business Project

Commercial Water Damage Restoration is something our technicians work with on the daily. The SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas team is at your beck & call twenty four seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year. 

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned table tent.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Program

Are you ready to not only help keep your customers and employees safe, but to communicate that you’ve chosen a higher standard of clean for all Americans? Enroll your business in the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program today!

Four air movers on the floor of an office.

DT Water Mitigation

Water Damage? No problem! SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas is very well versed in their areas of expertise. Once your property has been restored from water damage we can begin our repairing the floors. Contact our team for all water mitigation and construction needs.

Three SERVPRO vans in front of a church.

Proper Chemical Application

Another wonderful opportunity to help out our friends in the community! Why SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas? Our team is trained in Infectious Disease Control protocol, proper chemical application, and cleaning. Call our office today for a free quote!

PPE and face masks

Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas is equipped with a highly trained crew that is ready 24/7 to better help you! We provide cleaning services for commercial properties of all sizes. Let our team help you. (702) 778-9451

Employee loading a truck in PPE

Germs in the Workplace

Team Zachary is here to help prevent the spreading of germs in the workplace! Our crew has the resources to help you immediately! Call us today to schedule a free quote now: (702) 778-9451

Employee in blue protective gear.

Virus Cleaning

Team Zachary is ready to go ASAP. Businesses are hotbeds for the spread of Coronavirus. We understand that this time may be scary. Our team is here to walk through this process with you. Don't wait, Call Now! (702) 778-9451

Lobby area with three green air movers.

In the hotel lobby

It was SERVPRO, in the hotel lobby, with the water damage. Since we're located in Vegas, our team gets a large amount of commercial restoration jobs. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas makes sure to always have a large team on hand in case of any commercial restoration emergency that may occur. 

Three green SERVPRO vans in front of a building.

Do you know what to do?

If a commercial fire strikes do you know what to do? Our customers often take precautions to prevent fires but are unsure what steps to take after one occurs. First, you make sure that everyone is out of the building. Second, the cleanup process begins. 

Two green SERVPRO vans in front of a building at night.

Night Life

Downtown Night Life In Action! Our crew is available to you twenty four seven, three hundred sixty five days a year. We are always available to you, because you never know when disaster will strike!(702) 778-9451

Extracting water from a local theather

This theater in Las Vegas had a lot of water damage. SERVPRO was the first choice for restoring the theater back to normal. Once our team arrived, we began removing water and getting drying equipment in place. After a few days, it was ready to be back open.

Las Vegas Theater Water Restoration

This theater had a massive amount of water damage. Our team was quick to respond to begin mitigating the water out of the facility. Once removed, our team quickly got drying equipment in place to speed up the process. 

Warehouse Oil Spill

After a significant oil spill, SERVPRO responded immediately to begin clean up procedures.  The team has special cleaning techniques and cleaning equipment for any type of restoration needs.  Contact us anytime for your restoration emergency.

Responding to Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO was called and responded immediately to this water loss in a commercial facility. Dryers were used in order to mitigate the damage due to massive flooding. SERVPRO made it seem "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO responded to a commercial water loss situation in the facility shown in the picture. With the help of our mitigation and restoration techniques, the employees and customers were back on the premises in no time!

Commercial Water Loss in Las Vegas

SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas Responding to a large Commercial Water loss in Vegas. Our team was quick to respond and begin extracting water from this hotel. We were able to minimize secondary damage and get the facility open as soon as possible. 

Commercial Water Loss

This picture is an example of water wicking up a wall from a recent flood inside this building. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas was able to extract and dry the structure, preventing further damages. We take great pride in doing our work correctly and efficiently. 

Commercial Water and Mold Loss

This classroom had significant water damage which our team then found microbial growth. We were able to set up proper containment to help the further spread of harmful mold spores. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can handle any size commercial loss.

Water Damage in Office Building

Here is a office room where the carpet is severely damaged from water. It is important to extract the water as quickly as possible. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas was able to do so. 

Water Damage in Building

Here is a picture of water in a hallway of a large building. SERVPRO was able to quickly respond and extract the water to get the building dry and back open for business. 

Mold in a Commercial Building

Here is a mold loss in a commercial building in Las Vegas, Nevada. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas quickly responded and was able to remediate the mold in the facility. 

Commercial Water Loss

Our team responding to a commercial water loss in Las Vegas. We showed up quickly and began the water extraction process. After removing all of the water we placed drying equipment through the entire facility. 

Sewage Cleanup MGM Hotel

In Las Vegas accidents happen, when a sewage backup recently effected the this popular hotel, we were called in to help clean and get back to clean standards. Our team properly extracted and sanatized this facility to have back open to the publc.