Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke damage behind wall.

Addressing Invisible Damage

Smoke Damage Restoration in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

This home near Downtown Las Vegas was affected by a fire that started in the kitchen. In the wake of fires, smoke and soot damage often creeps into hard to get places. Our hardworking teams ensure that every problem is addressed, protecting your home from ongoing damage. 

Bed after a fire had been put out.

Holiday Fires Are Very Common

If your home in Las Vegas suffers from a fire this Christmas, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO Downtown Las Vegas team a call! We are here to help this holiday season. 

fire damage on wall under window

Soot and Smoke Damage from a Winchester, NV Fire

This home suffered damage from a fire and as you can see, there was a lot of soot left behind. Our team was brought in to clean up and repair the damage done to the home. If you've experienced a fire loss at your home or business, we are here to help, 24/7 at (702) 778-9451.

Soot covered ceiling with a large long light.

When a fire is mentioned

Stop, drop, and roll has always been the motto we rattle off in our minds when a fire is mentioned. What are the next steps after being brought into safety? Dial, call, and hire SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas. 

Burnt room with black soot covering everything and holes in the walls.

Fire Restoration Services

In addition to structural repair at your business from personal items to business essentials, content cleaning is possible when you depend on the fire restoration services of a local mitigation company. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas is always available to help! 

Room with a window, white walls, and black soot stains.

Remove Soot

There was a fire, it did not get higher, because SERVPRO was hired. After the fire was put out by first responders, we arrived on scene. Our team is trained to remove soot and smoke from inside any home.

Dark black ceiling caving in.

Fire Specialists

If you suffer fire loss and discover that materials and equipment are damaged inside your home, call on the right professionals for help. Experienced fire cleanup specialists can restore partially ruined items and help you get back on your feet once again.

Soot covering a corner of a room.

Fire Loss

Insight into the after effects of fire damage can help property owners evaluate damage. By learning more about residue cleanup & deodorization after a fire, you can minimize the need for costly repair. Our team provides assistance after a fire loss in your home or business.

Fire Damage in Las Vegas

This was a severe fire our team responded to in Las Vegas. The entire home had significant smoke damage. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas was able to pull out most of the clients belongings and help get them back in their home. 

Fire Team getting Ready for the Day

Here is a shot from our morning meeting with our Fire Team. They work so hard and many hours each week making sure your content and home are clean. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas specializes on cleaning any size fire losses. 

Fire Loss in Home

SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas was called to handle this loss and start the rebuilding process. After a fire in the home, most of the home was damaged from smoke and soot. 

Fire Damage in Las Vegas

This is a recent fire loss that we were called to. It had to be cleaned, demoed and replaced. Our team at SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas is trained and experienced to handle this loss from start to finish. 

Kitchen with cream counter tops and silver appliances.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel in Downtown Las Vegas. Whether it is a fire or water damage we can help pick up the pieces and get your property back together. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas will help you with any project from start to finish. 

Fire Place Rebuild in Downtown Las Vegas

This is a fireplace that we rebuilt from a fire damage loss. SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas was able to help from start to finish. Our team is quick to respond and will do everything we can to help.